In Han Fong, we have a deep knowledge of the countless varieties of coffee available and we provides a service tailored to fit our customers every need. We partner with renowned suppliers from Egypt and Columbia to develop, produce coffee products and its derivatives with high added value through state-of-the-art technology and high quality standards. This has allowed us to have a wide product portfolio according to our customer needs, including the lines of roast and ground coffee, soluble coffees in powder, agglomerated and freeze- dried presentations, green coffee extracts, coffee oils and coffee blends.

Our partners have several pilot plants that cover our entire production process, allowing us to be flexible in new product development, Count on us to get standardized profiles, ensuring high and consistent performance for producing coffee.

Products Offerings

  • Microgound Coffee
  • Instant Coffee Powder
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Roasted Coffee
  • Liquid Coffee Concentrate
  • Coffee Oil
  • Coffee Aromas
  • Premium Soluble Coffee**

We have launched different types of Premium Soluble Coffee and Microground Coffee. Join us to bring your customer to experience the new era of 100% made Colombian premium instant coffee

1. The highest quality beans are selected from the best Colombian harvested grounds to obtain a Soluble Coffee rich in Aroma, with all Softness and Pleasant Colombian flavor. Evaporation and Freeze Concentration Technology to enhance the qualities of its Raw Material.

2. Traditional Roasting Espresso type. Premium Soluble Coffee that shares all the special characteristics of a traditional Espresso instantly prepared.

3. High Roast Colombian Soluble Coffee with intense aroma, medium acidity, high body, long after taste and roasting notes. Now you can enjoy the qualities of a traditional espresso in a cup of Instant Coffee.

4. Enjoy at any time, a cup of the most selected coffee beans from the Colombian Andes Mountains..Made from coffee beans carefully selected this instant coffee, preserves the characteristics of flavor and aroma similar to fresh brewed coffee. Through special extraction levels and delicate freeze concentration process (GRENCO), we guarantee all qualities of a Roast & Ground Coffee.